HACO Tail Lift Parts

European market leader in the field of replacement parts for all brands of tail lifts.

We supply a variety of cylinders, switches and controls, motors, pumps and starter solenoids, valves and coils, pins, bushes & platform rollers, cylinder parts,mechanical and electrical parts, power packs, hoses & couplings and cables and connectors to fit brands including AMA, Anteo, Bär Cargolift, Behrens, Dautel, Dhollandia, Mariba, MBB-Palfinger, Ratcliff, Sörensen, Zepro, Mammut lift, Foco lift and Z-lift.


New arrivals

Liftcylinder HACO DFL-1000 Liftcylinder HACO DFL-1000 Suitable for: Dautel Retraction cylinder HACO Retraction cylinder HACO Suitable for: Bär Cargolift Cover control-switch HACO Cover control-switch HACO Suitable for: Dhollandia Footcontrol Footcontrol "Heben" HACO Suitable for: Dautel Fuse complete 150 Amp. HACO Fuse complete 150 Amp. HACO Suitable for: Bär Cargolift